SPP Bayesian statistics,
March 26 - 27, 2018 :: Hohenheim, Germany  

Bayesian statistics
how to make a sound analysis (in population genetics)

26.03.2018 27.03.2018

It will take place at

Universität Hohenheim
Hörsaal 20, Erdgeschoss
Garbenstraße 13
70599 Stuttgart

Bayesian inference is based in a very natural way on a good probabilistic understanding of (a model of) the observed data/experiment. This workshop's aim is to provide a blueprint for mathematicians of how to perform statistically sound Bayesian inference. These foundations will be presented in two minicourses, which provide the necessary theory while walking the participants through inference problems taken from population genetics.

The first minicourse will be given by Tim Vaughan (ETH Zürich), who will be presenting Bayesian inference using MCMC approaches in phylogenetics, which searches for the genealogy tree best fitting to observed genetic data. The second minicourse will be given by Dario Spanò (University of Warwick), who will talk about non-parametric Bayesian inference, e.g. in the space of random partitions, using examples from species sampling and clustering.

Additionally, there will be talks given by the workshop participants about diverse topics coming from population genetics, computational biology and statistical genetics (see the programme for details).

If there are any questions, please contact Fabian Freund.

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